Bluebonnet Babies Reborn Nursery

Sneak Peek at Dolls Soon to Be Reborn in the Nursery!

This page is dedicated to what I am working on or will be working on in the near future.  I have so many I want to do!  I love to see them totally transformed from cute "dolls" to adorable "babies"!

Up for adoption is the newest kit "Dwayne" by Vikki Ebbeling.

Very low limited edition #20 of only 200 made worldwide!!

Dwayne has full chunky limbs and is about 23-25 inches so he's considered a toddler or 6 month old in size. 




You can keep track of my auctions by clicking the red link below. 

Questions about this baby and upcoming babies can be submitted via email:





This baby's complete reborning process will be fully described in the auction listing.







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