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What is a Reborn? FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding these beautiful, lifelike babies:

1.)  What exactly is a "Reborn" doll?  A Reborn doll is either a factory made collectible doll, one-of-a-kind sculpted doll, or ordinary play doll that has been transformed or "reborn" into a more lifelike work of art that can be displayed or held and cradled just like a real baby.   They are made to stand the test of time, but are not meant for young children as they have some "delicate" parts and are weighted to have a more realistic feel to them.

2.) What do you mean the doll is "transformed"?   Every doll goes through a process of re-painting with either heat set paints or artist oil paints. The old factory paint is removed and new, more lifelike "flesh" colored paint is thoroughly applied on all the vinyl and/or silicone pieces and body parts.  After that has fully dried or "cured", the body parts are then "highlighted" and "blushed" with color enhancing stencil creams and inks.  There are tiny, subtle veins and "blueish" undertones given in all the appropriate parts to give the baby doll a more lifelike appearance. 

Hair is added to the normally bald or fake "grooved" head to give it a more realistic appearance as well.   The hair I put on a reborn is the most important part, in my opinion.  It really does make the baby come to life if the hair is soft and baby fine.  Also, the baby is "weighted" with material that makes the baby feel so real you will swear you are holding an actual infant in your arms.   The hollow limbs, head and newly added soft body cavity are usually filled with an assorted array of materials like ultra-fine glass beads, polypellets and polyfil that give the baby a very appropriate and proportional feel when held.

Sometimes magnets are inserted on the inside of the head near the mouth area and another magnet is glued on a real baby pacifier or "dummy" as they are called in other countries.  The magnified pacifier then sticks to the magnet inside the head behind the lips, and it looks as if the baby is sucking on a real pacifier.  The mouth is not cut as this may weaken the vinyl over time.   *DISCLAIMER*:  These magnets are strong and therefore can be harmful to those with pacemakers. 

3.) Can I buy these Reborn dolls in retail stores or outlets?  No, this is not a "mass-produced" product, though, some artists do put their reborn dolls in specialty shops and boutiques. While many mass-produced, collector's edition dolls (such as Ashton Drake or Lee Middleton) are given "wigs, blushed a bit and sometimes weighted in the body area", they are only enhanced and are not fully "reborn" like artist-made reborn dolls.  Reborns are one-of-a-kind (O.O.A.K) dolls. In other words, no two dolls look exactly alike because of the specific, personal process each doll undergoes.  Each reborn doll has been given special attention to detail that no "mass produced" product can possibly get.  This only adds to their collectible appeal and heirloom quality.  Some people get reborn dolls made especially to look like a baby they knew from their past or present as there are many face molds to choose from.

4.) How can I get a reborn doll of my own?  Please look at the "custom order reborns" section of this website for more info on making a special reborn doll.  Also, look on for many artist offerings of these dolls.  Just type in the word "reborn" in the search box.  

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